JUNE DISCOUNT  *details below

“The only thing that is more expensive than education is ignorance.” - Benjamin Franklin

In many parts of the world, education is undervalued. If one takes into account the fact that I have over thirty years of experience teaching, tutoring, attending or leading professional development, and my ongoing research into new methods of teaching such as online education, robotics, and virtual reality, my fees may begin to seem reasonable. Of course, one's own budget must be considered, but I have tried to strike a balance between my costs and experience and the budgets of the families I work with.



I charge $50 CAD per hour for BC students as I will be teaching using a curriculum that I am familiar with. Much less time will be spent planning lessons and researching when I use the BC Curriculum. Please note that if you require progress reports, the process of writing them will be charged at the hourly rate.


$50 CAD per hour



I charge $65 CAD per hour for students outside BC students as I will be teaching based on an unfamiliar curriculum. Considerable time will be spent planning lessons and researching. Please note that if you require progress reports, the process of writing them will be charged at the hourly rate.


$65 CAD per hour or $50 USD per hour



I have worked with various types of home learners for years and I am willing to create a program together with the parents and the students. It is impossible to determine what the cost might be as there are many factors that influence the process. I am willing to work with home learners on a regular basis.


Valuation to be determind



As a special offer, I would like to offer any family who signs up in June $5 off per hour for the entire summer. Lessons and summer activities that are PREPAID in June are $10 off per hour.

Although I am not always able to offer a discount, there are some scenarios that might be considered. They are as follows:

  • Families that are currently working with me will have their prices "grandfathered." I do not intend to raise the prices of my current students.

  • International students that do not require extra planning or research would be able to pay the fees as if they are BC students.

  • International students studying 3D modelling or game design in virtual reality may also pay the fee for BC students ($50 CAD or $40 USD) as no extra planning would be required.

Please contact me if you have any questions about the fees associated with studying online with me. You can email me at the address below, use the contact form or contact me through the chat. I will respond as soon as I am able to.

Payment/Tutoring Policies

I have some payment policies meant to avoid miscommunications and ensure fairness for myself and my clients. Over the years, many people have assumed they could change their minds at the last moment without considering that I may have turned down other work to teach their scheduled lesson. To deal with this issue, I require pre-payment.


Clients are expected to pay at least four hours in advance for lessons and if they cancel the lesson or the student does not appear in Zoom or in the VR app we are using during that four hour window, the fee will be paid. In some cases, I may make exceptions to this rule, but I reserve the right to charge the fee for students who do not attend the lesson or for cancellations.

You are welcome to just pay for just one lesson at a time until you feel enough trust to pay for more than one lesson. I have current families that are willing to be references you can speak to if you are concerned about the idea of pre-payment of the lessons.

Once we have established a regular schedule, the time you have chosen is yours for as long as you need it. I will not give your time to someone else, but I might ask if there is another time that suits you just as well if someone asks for that time. You have the right of refusal on this request. The only exception I make is when a family regularly takes extended breaks from tutoring. In that case, I can not guarantee that you will retain the time you have chosen. My bills and expenses do not take vacations.

Payments can be made by e-transfer for Canadian students and PayPal for international students. I am looking into payment through this website and Bitcoin for future transactions.

As always, please contact me if you have any questions or concerns about these policies.