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The purpose of this blog

There are a lot of teacher blogs. Probably too many. I hope this one ends up having something useful to say. Or something to make you think.

Insert clever-sounding or inspirational caption here.

Who this blog is for Ideally, this blog will be written for other teachers, parents, educational assistants, support staff, but especially for people that model for stock photography.

Stock photo by Criativithy from Pexels.

Why I have a blog Part of me hopes that after teaching for 23 years, I have something useful to say. This is most likely wishful thinking. I also hope to give a voice to my students. They teach us the most valuable lessons. Children are also the reason we teach and we need to study them well to understand what they truly need.

Properly nurtured and educated, this child might become a world-renowned bear expert..

What will be posted? Are bullet lists still cool?

  • innovative ideas and methods

  • teaching philosophies

  • humour

  • guest writers (hopefully)

  • non sequitirs

  • notable student work

  • teaching resources

  • teachers' perspectives on all educational issues

  • terrifying stock photography (see above)

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