About Me

First and foremost, I am a teacher. It permeates everything I do. I have had a lifelong interest in science and that is also part of my identity. People have long referred to me as a "science nerd." I am okay with this categorization. I'm reasonably certain that science nerds have helped advance humankind more than any other sub-group of humans. I have many other interests. Food, both the consumption and the cooking of it, are fascinations of mine. I continue to experiment with new dishes, new cuisines to try, and new restaurants to discover. Nature exploration and photography are an important part of my life. Lastly, I am rather active. I hike, play disc golf, snowboard and windsurf. I would kayak or canoe if I had easier access to them. A few other interesting facts about me:

  • I have been to 49 countries.

  • I was the head cook of the tallships Pacific Swift and Pacific Grace.

  • I lived in Egypt for three years.

  • I have the rhythm and dancing skills of an alkali feldspar granite (rock).

  • I enjoy the occasional non-sequitir.

  • I am a primary teacher, but have taught ESL, French, Science, Windsurfing, and other topics.

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